At HEES Enterprises, we provide a wide range of services designed to help meet the needs of our customers and manufacturing partners. As one of the Pacific Northwest's leading manufacturers' representative to the electrical utility industry, our team specializes in providing outstanding customer service, dedicated product support, and a detailed knowledge of the products and services we offer.

Contract Management

HEES Enterprises offers contract management services to maximize financial and operational performance. Our attention to detail on annual and multi-year contracts enables our customers to free up additional time for their workforce to perform value-added tasks that help improve overall efficiency.

Product and Sales Support

Our electric utility manufacturer sales associates at HEES Enterprises possess a detailed understanding of every electric utility product we represent. This comprehensive knowledge allows our utility sales associates to provide outstanding product and sales support for all of our manufacturing partners. Our customers also appreciate knowing that when they buy from HEES Enterprises, they receive more than just high-quality products. They receive a team committed to providing them the service and detailed technical support needed to ensure complete satisfaction of every product they purchase. HEES Enterprises provides continuous engagement for all of our customers and products.

Specification Development

At HEES Enterprises, we understand the importance of spending time to develop specification details. We work with our customers to ensure that they get consistent product quality, operational functionality, and products that fit their particular design and project needs.

Product Promotion

HEES Enterprises offers our manufacturing partners product promotion support guaranteed to increase the visibility and market presence of their products. Our sales associates are actively engaged with area utilities, contractors, distributors and engineering firms. From prominent display on our company website to area trade shows such as the IPSA Lineman Rodeo and NWPPA to conducting onsite demonstrations and trainings at area utilities and contractors, HEES works hard to ensure that the innovative products on our line card receive maximum exposure.


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